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Delivering Your Petition

Does your target have a physical location you can deliver the petition to, like an office or headquarters? Find out when it will be open and consider calling in advance to check if there will be someone available to receive you - you might be able to arrange a meeting to discuss your cause.

Is your target organising or participating in an event that you could attempt to ‘take over’ and utilise their existing audience?

Some tips for building awareness:

  • - Take photos of your delivery and post them on your ignite page and social media channels
  • - You could live-stream the petition delivery so that your community and supporters can participate in the event, even if they can’t be there in-person
  • - Invite the press to cover your delivery event*. Even if they don’t come, it is an opportunity to connect with journalists who might cover your issue.
  • - Make your delivery ‘visual’. You can use stacks of boxes to symbolise the many signatures on your petition; consider organising a delegation to represent your community or signers; consider a giant prop to illustrate your cause. Here are some great ideas for creative petition deliveries: https://beautifultrouble.org/tactic/creative-petition-delivery/


Sample Media Advisory for petition delivery event



For information contact: <name, phone number and email>
Event Begins at <Location> at <Time, Date>



Over 20,000 Springfield Residents Sign Petition Demanding Equal Pay for Equal Work

Local residents gather to deliver a petition signed by over 20,000 people demanding equal pay.

They are urging President Humpty to authorise the Equal Pay Act, that will mandate that women and men receive the same pay for the same work.

WHAT: Official delivery of petition to President Humpty to demand equal pay
WHO: <Name of your organisation/group>
WHERE: <Location>
WHEN: <Time and Date>

To read the petition go to: <Insert your petition link here>

**VISUALS**: Participants holding “Equal Pay for Equal Work” signs