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Upload content to the Petition

Let’s identify each section of the petition page, first:



1 - To change the site name you must follow this steps. First, go to your Website in the tab Site Setting. There are two different ways to change the site name: you can put an image or logo or just change the name. For changing only the name you must click on Basic:

If you want to put a logo instead of the name, go to Logo section:


2. To change the Headline, Intro text, and petition text, you must go to Petition Settings in the tab Content. The number two its for changing the HEadline in the frontend. Intro text represents the text you want to show on the page. Petition text its the text that it's going to appear at the petition data section on the front end.

You can find information about how to use the content editor in this link https://nationbuilder.com/how_to_edit_content_on_your_webpages


Best Practice for Headline

Your headline needs to grab attention AND tell the reader what your petition is about. Keep it under 8 words and use simple language that someone who is unfamiliar with the topic would be able to understand. Don’t worry about the details here.

Example: ‘Stop Discrimination. Demand Equal Pay Now!’

Not: “Close the gender pay gap whereby women receive on average 80% of the salaries of men for similar work”


Best Practice for Intro text:

Provide a brief context about your petition. Try to write a simple sentence that answers each of these questions:

What is the issue?

Why is it important and urgent now?

What is the solution and who has the power to enable it (your petition target)?

And remember to invite the reader to take action by signing your petition

Resist overloading the reader with data (you can include a link to ‘further reading’ or more details’). If in doubt, cut it!

Be personal, polite and friendly. You can ‘test’ whether your text is accessible to your audience by sharing it with someone who is unfamiliar with the topic (a neighbour, uncle or friend) and asking if they understand it.


Best Practice for Petition text:

This is the request that you are making for action on your issue. Address it to your target and explain what you want them to do. The longer the petition is, the less likely people will be to read or sign it, so try to keep it shorter than 2 paragraphs. Do not change the wording after your petition has started to attract signatures, as this will cause distrust.



3. Upload a Featured image. This step is optional but we recommend you to do it. The preferred size is 635 x 348 pixels.

Go to Files and upload a file which name contains the word “header” in it. This is the way that the template recognizes that this is the image for the header and places it in the right location.


Best Practice for Featured Image:

Choose an image that relates to your topic, or an image of the person you are sending the petition to (if they are well-known)

ProTip:  NationBuilder does not support video hosting, however, you may add videos by pasting the link from a video hosting site  (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion) in the content box. Nationbuilder will bring the video to be played in the page. 

ProTip:  if the imagen doesnt appear right away when you save the changes you must clear the cache in your nation. To clear cache go into your Website, then Site Setting > Clear Cache.