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Set Up Google Analytics

Set up an account here: https://analytics.google.com and get your code.

In order to setup your Google Analytics code into your site, go to the Site Settings tab and click on the Analytics setup tab.

The Google Analytics code comes in the following format: UA-XXXXXXXXX-X. Copy and paste this number in the field and save settings.


Set Up SEO Meta-descriptions, Share Image + Language


In order to manage the language that each page displays when shared in social media or looked up in google we click on the Settings tab and on Social media tab.


Default post is the text displayed when this page gets shared on social media. It can be up to 120 characters.


Excerpt for Facebook, search engines field contains the excerpt displayed when the page is found through a search engine.  It can be up to 140 characters.


Add a Share Image. You can add a custom image to fully control the way your site is going to present when shared on social media.  Upload the image and save settings.


Set Broadcasters

Broadcasters are the voices on NationBuilder.  If autoresponders are on, then you should set up a broadcaster from where the mail to the user will be sent.  To set up a broadcaster go to communications tab and select +Add New Broadcaster. 
It is fairly simple from there, but you might want to check out more on this here.


Set Up Favicon

A favicon is that tiny icon you see on the tab where you are browsing the site. You can add you Favicon on the Site Settings tab, Favicon tab.



Run the FB Scrubber

Once your site it's live, you should run your URL throught this debugger:


This is in order to make sure that the correct image and language are showing when shared on social media.