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Welcome message

Your welcome message is the first thing users see in their dashboard, and you can change it as you like.


In your Pages section of you NationBuilder dashboard, look for a page called { config page }. This is your settings page.




Enter the Content tab. The first thing there will be a number, which will be your badges weekly goal (see Badges: Changing the weekly goal for more information on this). After that, add a horizontal line and then write your message. This message has a limit of 15 words, and will open a pop-up when clicked.


Now go to the Subpages section and open the one called message_popup.

In the Settings section, fill in the title of your popup message in the Headline field.



Now go to the Content section, and paste your message content here. Save the changes. You can add images by uploading them into the Files tab.




The best way to ensure your settings page has correct formatting

First, write the content in a format-free text editor. If you’re using Mac, use TextEdit. Click Format, then Make Plain Text. If you’re using Windows, just use Notepad.

Immediately after the badges weekly goal, write </hr> (no spaces around it).

Then add the page type slug. It should look like this:

5</hr>Welcome to the Save the Rainforest action center!

On NationBuilder, press the brackets icon (“< >”) to view the HTML. Copy the text in your text editor and paste it on the editor. Now exit the HTML mode and feel free to format your text as you like.