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The functionality of the interest section is to create actions that are related to it. The actions may (or may not) be related to one or more selected interests. Depending on which interests the person has chosen at the time of registration, the number of actions to be performed may vary. This section appears in the Register steps at the beginning as:  




A series of interests will be displayed for supporters to collaborate.

You may edit/create new interests from the backend of your MAC.  
Go to the Register page.  In the Signup settings, click on the checkboxes tab to edit the interests.




To create a new Checkbox, you have to complete the Description and Tag with the same name and then click on Add Tag.

You should update the Profile page with the exact same interests in order for the user to have the possibility to update them in the future:



Remeber to keep both synchronized.

Another adjustment you may do from the back end is to change the registration input in the final step of the registration process.



The Registration page has a sub-page named register_complete.  The content tab of this page contains the language displayed in this page.