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Creating a Petition type action

Petitions are a great way to convert supporters into activists, and they are valuable assets for your campaign. My Action Center allows you to create actions that are marked as complete when users sign a petition.

My Action Center enables actions completed in other sites to be marked as complete in the My Action Center site. Keep in mind both sites need to share the user base, so they need to be in the same NationBuilder nation. For the latter case, refer to the next chapter in this section, “Creating a Petition type action in an external site”.

To create a new Petition type action, create a new subpage under a week page. Give it a unique Name. Keep in mind no two actions can be called the same. This name will be visible to users as the main title of the action.



Choose the Petition page type. Tick on the Include in supporter nav. Press Create Page.

Add the Petition text of your Petition. Write only paragraph content, as you’ll add images and edit the header title later if you find it suitable. Keep in mind the Intro text will not be displayed. Press Save petition text.



Go to the next tab, Petition Settings > Autoresponse. You can modify or disable the email the user will get after completing the action. Press Save autoresponse email.

Now go to the Petition Settings > Basics tab. Here, copy the Name of your action and paste it in the Tag the signer with field. This way, if you want to know which users completed the “Save the Bears” action, you can search for all users with the “Petition to Save the Bears” tag.

In the After signing, what page should they land on next? field, put dashboard_redirect. Press Save settings.




Go to the Settings tab of the subpage. In the Title* field, describe your action. This content is visible to users when they press the action name to see more about it.

In the Headline field, you can add a header title. This will be visible when users open the action.

In the Tags field, add one or more interests. This will determine whether it appears the user’s dashboard, according to the interests the user selected when he or she signed up. These tags should have the exact same name as your site’s Interests. To make the action show to all users, tag the action as Everyone.

In the Status menu, choose published. Save the page.



If you’d like to add a featured image to your action, go to the Files tab and upload an image file. There can only be one image file uploaded per action.

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Creating a Petition type action checklist

1. Is the Petition a subpage under the week page?
2. Does the Petition have an unique Name?
3. Does the Petition have a description under the Title field?
4. Is the Petition tagged with one or more interests, or with Everyone?
5. Does the Petition tag users who completed the it with the Petition’s Name?