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Action Points

Action Points are rewards users get when they complete actions. They are independent to badges - an user can complete actions every week but never the required number to achieve a badge, and still achieve a substantial amount of Action Points.


Before you start customizing Action Points

To make the process as time-effective as possible, we recommend you first take some time to complete this table, so there are no discrepancies between data and you know exactly what to look for.

Action type

NationBuilder activity name

Action Points assigned


Petition Signature



Volunteer Signup


Event RSVP

Event RSVP








Read a Story*

Self Reported Action*

*Keep in mind Signup, Read a Story and Self Reported Action action types all use the same NationBuilder Signup activity, so you will have to assign the same value to these three action types.


To set up the Action Points reward for each type of action completed, go to your nation’s Settings > Default > Political capital.

Now, for each action type, look up the NationBuilder activity name and assign the Action Points it should assign to users that fulfill an action of that type. Save the settings.



Go to your My Action Center website, and go to the page named { action points }. These page must contain each NationBuilder activity name followed by a “:” and the Action Points assigned number you chose for that action type. Do not add any spaces between these. All action types must be separated by a horizontal separator. Save your content.


The best way to ensure your action points page has correct formatting

First, write the content in a format-free text editor. If you’re using Mac, use TextEdit. Click Format, then Make Plain Text. If you’re using Windows, just use Notepad.

For each action type, write the Nation Builder activity name, then “:”, then the Action Points assigned to that action type, and finally ”</hr>” (no spaces around any of these).

It should look like this:

Petition Signature:25</hr>

Volunteer Signup:35</hr>

Event RSVP:20</hr>



On NationBuilder, press the brackets icon (“< >”) to view the HTML. Copy the text in your text editor and paste it on the editor.